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Thread: Seb derm or not

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    I see no reason to doubt the diagnosis of your physician that it is SD. You could get a second opinion from another dermatologist. SD is as difficult to treat as rosacea. What works for one may not work for another, which is what we call the X factor in rosacea but it also applies to SD. If you scroll down to 'Treatments for Seborrheic Dermatitis' in this post on SD you will find a long list of treatments to choose from. Wish I could be of more help, but if you do find something that works, please post in this thread you started what works for you.
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    I tried ketokenazole i' cream on some areas but without succ?s.
    Ciclopirox the same.
    Now I am using Tom busby treatment shampoo and lotion for 38 days now,since my rash from the 4th August.
    Before I was using metronidazole cream (apply it waitting for 15minutes and put on it a touch of avene moisturizer avene tolerance extr?me fluid) it worked for any small red patches but not for all.
    Now I am using only tom busby products.
    Perhaps try azaleic acid but tom busby reply to me this :
    However, azelaic acid would be last on my list of rthings to try, because malassezia makes azelaic acid in order to suppreess demodex -- they both compete forr the same space on the surface of the skin. I would try a more specific drug, such as ivermectin, topical or systemic.

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