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Thread: I've decided to kill myself

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    You seem really bad psychologically. But for now, you haven't tried everything yet, keep in mind that it only takes ONE treatment to work and you could get your life back. We may be able to help direct you to the right treatment. If you don't mind, answer these few questions:

    - What type of redness do you have? Persistent? Discontinuous flushes? Do you have a lot of pimples or is it mostly intense flushing / redness?
    - Do you have any associated digestive problems? (diarrhea, bloating, etc.)
    - Are you allergic to something? (gluten, milk, histamine?)
    - Do you have any other symptoms or problems? (weight, fatigue, headaches)?

    Rosacea is often a misdiagnosis, and the rash can be a sign of a different disease. There may be an underlying cause that will explain your condition. We have to keep looking and go to different doctors.

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    Agreed Ryohiku.. it only takes 1 treatment to work and life gets so much better.
    Sineadrosy, accept the help on this forum and between us all, we?ll set you on the right path.

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    This psychological technique was recommended to me by the New York dermatologist, Dr Alan Dattner, as he said his rosacea patients had benefited from it. It's called tapping or the emotional freedom technique. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the video to feel calmer and it takes 12 minutes.

    If you find tapping helpful, there are lots of affordable books on it by Nick Ortner, and many free resources online if you search his name and tapping too.

    There are some excellent clinical psychologists with interests in skin conditions or anxiety, but that can take a lot of energy and time to find the right person. So hopefully tapping can be useful in between. I have found hypnosis a helpful technique, other people find cognitive behavioural therapy useful.

    Of course, talk to friends and family as well.

    There are many medications, topical approaches and dietary suggestions that are likely to improve the rosacea itself. This can take a lot of time and determination to find the right solution for you, though.

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