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Thread: Dental Health and Skin issues

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    Default Dental Health and Skin issues


    I've seen a similar thread about this recently, but I just wanted to share a few of my ideas.

    This could be completely wrong and have no correlation whatsoever, but when I was 18 I went to get my teeth straightened. Not with the usual 'train track' bridges across my teeth, but by using moulds which I would have to wear pretty much 24/7 which would re-position my teeth. Fast forward to my last mould, which I've had for at least two years. I do my best to keep them clean, but ever since wearing these I've noticed that my redness has gotten a lot worse (I'm not sure what to call it; for example rosacea, because my only symptom is redness and most recently, redness and a little bit of itchiness on my forehead). I was thinking that maybe these moulds have harboured bacteria, so when I've put these moulds in my mouth to keep my teeth straight, the bacteria could have festered and formed colonies in my gums, such as in periodontal pockets. This could have possibly triggered an immune response, increasing blood flow and sending antibodies to the site of infection, which could have somehow manifested itself into the facial redness. The only plausible explanation I can think of is to do with the mites that live on our skin. Others it maybe different, depending on the symptoms. Either way, I'm going to make an appointment with my dentist to get a new mould and see if symptoms reduce. I have no symptoms of gum disease either, as far as I'm aware. For the record, I have not left my mould out to test this hypothesis, I don't want my teeth shifting back to their crooked form! This is probably a complete shot in the dark but I was wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences.

    One thing I'm sure about is that I believe these conditions are linked to a faulty immune system. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck in reducing symptoms whilst trying to treat the gut, however I'll probably give this another try. It does lead me to believe however that this could have a genetic cause (at least in my case), or due to allergies , of which I intend to get a blood test for.

    Best wishes
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    Yes focal dental infections have been suspected in chronic inflammation diseases..

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    Talk to your dentist, and if you're okay with that, start treatment. There are many ways to treat tooth decay, but it may be that some are not right for you. If you don't decide what is good for you, you should consult another dentist. I went to one doctor for several years until I switched to, and it was the right decision for me. Sometimes we feel like there's nothing better than being treated by a doctor you've been going to for a long time, but it's time to change the way you treat yourself. I was really excited to talk to you about this!

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