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Thread: Articles: Demodetic Mange in dogs - What a Dermatologist can learn from Veterinarians

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    Default Articles: Demodetic Mange in dogs - What a Dermatologist can learn from Veterinarians

    Human Dermatologists who don't believe that Demodex Skin Mites can cause issues for humans could learn a thing or two from a Veterinarian.

    Animals can get infected with demodex skin mites. Each type of mammal has their own species specific demodex mite. Demodex mites cause the animal disease demodetic mange.

    There are a couple of interesting observations about demodex from Veterinarians that might give us some more clues about human demodicosis or demodetic rosacea.

    1. Dogs with suppressed or immature immune systems can get demodetic mange. It is common for some puppies to get juvenile onset demodex due to their immature immune systems.
    2. Puppies are believed to get infected by their mother's at birth.
    3. Dogs with demodex can get blackheads. Its one thing that Veterinarians look for to diagnose the condition.
    4. In dogs, Demodicosis may be localised, generalised (juvenile onset or adult onset) or demodectic pododermatitis. Juvenile onset demodex is the most common version of the generalized case.
    5. In dogs, it is known that a genetic predisposition to develop generalized juvenile mange exists. Currently, the genetic defect that causes this condition to develop is unknown. Some believe that it may have something to do with T-cell genes.

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    In a related subject, Can Mites Transfer From Pets to Humans?, is a common FAQ when it comes to demodectic rosacea.
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