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To the original poster: It's been six weeks or so since you were treated. When I had IPL it took about 4 weeks for my face to settle, as I too had flushing and stinging.

I also had Vbeam (PDL) in November 2019, and still, now, I had PIE marks where the laser hit. Faded a lot, but stil lworse than what my face was right before treatment.

I'd recommend you begin using Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary. Also get the Cerave moisturising cream (it has ceramides in it).

Furthur, consider getting an LED device that emits yellow light. I have one. Cost about ?80 on Amazon, and I lay under it every day for 20 minutes. It shines the yellow light at something like 583nm, which is not far off the 595nm wavelength used by Vbeam to target hemoglobin (redness).

The LED device I'm talking about is capable of producing seven colours, but I suggest you focus on the yellow, as this is though to improve erythema. I've been using my device for about a month daily. Am I getting better? Hard to say. I'm not geting worse though, and the yellow light does calm inflammed skin. I want it to have a permanent positive effect which is why I do it every day.

I also started up my Azelaic Acid a few months back, starting with a weak over the counter formulation (10%, The Ordinary) before moving up to presecription strength Skinoren (20%). You can watch videos on YouTube about AA and how it is a versatile, fairly well-tolerated ingredient with various benefits, including calming red skin and preventing acne breakouts, among others.
You mentioned in one of your old posts that you had your IPL/PDL treatments in Nottingham. Would you be able to pm me the doctors' details please?