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Thread: Zhongzhou cream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Barrows View Post
    Here is the recommended regimen:

    (1) Just before bed, wash face with acarid soap (or non irritating soap or just warm water) and rinse with lots of water.

    (2) Apply the ZZ cream on face especially the red areas and pimples (some prefer to dilute the ZZ cream with water). Let it dry before you lay your face on a pillow. Be careful when applying around your eyes, and if you do get near your eyes, close your eyes and then go to bed asap. ZZ cream causes tearing of the eyes.

    (3) In AM, wash the ZZ cream off with just water. Then apply fresh amount of ZZ cream. If you have dry skin, you may apply instead your favorite moisturizer. Many have recommended rose hip oil or shea butter or whatever your favorite moisturizer.

    Repeat steps 1 thru 3 each day.

    Some love the menthol cooling effect when you apply it (I prefer it since it cools the skin) while some complain about it. Everyone is so different and some have extremely sensitive skin which recently one report says is different from rosacea, but the line between sensitive skin and rosacea is very thin. It will take a month to know if the ZZ cream improves your condition and three to four months for clearance. Many here at RF love the ZZ cream.
    Thanks for the reply. I have read the thread you created on the RRDI website summarising feedback to date. It?s very helpful. I am slightly concerned that there is a report that menthol will potentially reduce my tolerance to heat exposure. I am currently living in Australia, therefore this would create a few issues! I am just hopeful that it will improve the ongoing burning/stinging sensation. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. I will not receive the zz cream for another 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik1967 View Post
    I am slightly concerned that there is a report that menthol will potentially reduce my tolerance to heat exposure.
    Just remember to take anecdotal reports with a grain of salt since what is an issue with one rosacean may or may not be an issue with another rosacea, the opposite of the Rosacea X-Factor.

    Keep us posted on your experience with the ZZ cream.
    Brady Barrows
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    Well mines on eBay if anyone wants to try it I?ve hardly touched it. Plus I?ve stuck a full pot of sulphur so good on. Aswell as other rosacea treatments . My skin is stupidly sensitive though.

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