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Thread: Nardil MAOI for blushing/flushing

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    Default Nardil MAOI for blushing/flushing

    I am new to the Rosacea Forum, but not new to rosacea. I have type one rosacea (blushing and flushing). My biggest triggers are emotions and being warm. I currently use Propranolol occasionally which sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't help. I have tried 4 non bruising v-beams which haven't really helped my flushing or blushing either. I am wondering if anyone has tried the anti-depressant Nardil for their blushing/flushing? I have read a couple posts on Reddit of people saying their blushing has totally 100% stopped from taking this medication. Really am hoping some people here have had experience with this medication.

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    Did u end up trying it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sineadrosy View Post
    Did u end up trying it?
    sickofthis' last post was on May 15 in this thread. sickofthis asked the same question about Nardil in this thread. sickofthis mentioned Reddit, so I imagine you can locate sickofthis at Reddit, probably at r/Erythrophobia or r/AskDocs. That is where all the rosaceans have gone, to Reddit, Facebook, etc. I will be creating a video on this subject, 'where have all the rosaceans gone' soon. Can you believe that there are 268K members in r/AskDocs? Mind boggling.
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