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    Hello Everyone

    I have what i believe is mild rosacea, i have been doing a lot of research as this has just got steadily worse over the last few weeks, 1st it started out with a mild redness, now its a rash.
    I have just started using a gel called Rozex, i have also just ordered some antibiotics on line from the online pharmacy - I have been looking at what can cause this and i think stress and alchol can be my down fall, so as of today i am cutting out alchol all together and as much as I want to cut out all stress my job is very stressful at times. I am going to keep a diary and see how I get along over the next few weeks. I have attached two photos that show my my rash / redness. Its only on the right side of my face. Any other advice please?
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    Welcome to RF. Recommend you read this post first, this one second. Since you have a Rx for Rozex, what diagnosis did you receive? Rosacea? When you say, 'I have what i believe is mild rosacea,' it appears either you are not sure or you neglected to ask your physician the diagnosis? It is important to get a correct diagnosis since misdiagnosis is not uncommon. There are many theories on the cause of rosacea. Avoiding alcohol is part of trigger avoidance which has become an accepted treatment protocol for rosacea. However, there has never been found one rosacea trigger that will produce a rosacea flareup in every rosacean, since all the rosacea triggers are anecdotal, and no matter who makes the rosacea trigger list, they are all obtained from surveys and polls. These trigger factor lists can be helpful, but they are not written in stone. What you may want to ask your physician is to rule out demodectic rosacea.
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