The RRDi has a shopping cart that isn't used for actually selling rosacea treatments but instead is used for our two affiliate programs. The RRDi doesn't sell anything, but our affiliates do, Amazon and Demodex Solutions. We recently were able to hire a coder who was able to allow RRDi Members to be able to write reviews on all the items in our affiliate store. I just tested it and it works. I wrote the first review with our RSS account:

Scroll to the bottom and see the review. Guests cannot write reviews, only RRDi members can write reviews and all you need is an email address to join, then write reviews on a product. This will be hopefully a good feature to use when considering a particular treatment you like to use for your rosacea, SD, or other skin issue. We have hundreds of products to review. If your product isn't listed, contact me and I will consider adding your product. We hope you will join and write reviews.