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Thread: Rozex (metrodinazole) reaction

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    Default Rozex (metrodinazole) reaction

    Hi everyone,

    I have been diagnosed with rosacea a couple of weeks ago. The dermatologist prescribed 2 months of doxycycline (100 mg daily) 1 week of desonide cream and then Rozex (metrodinazole) for a month and a half.

    Since I started to use Rozex cream (about a week ago)I am a bit concerned the redness hasnít improved (which I believe is normal in such a short time) but I started to see more pimples on my face, more little bumps under my skin (closed comedones) where I usually donít break out and the existing ones get bigger.

    Should I keep using that cream? Is it supposed to get worst before it gets better?


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    Welcome to RF dobongmj.

    Might want to read the Physician Q&As to get started and then the first two sticky notes in this section. The gold standard of treatment for rosacea is something you may want to ask your physician about. Rosacea Newbies is another one to read. After that type in 'metronidazole' and 'doxycycline' in the search box field and spend twenty minutes browsing through the threads on these two subjects that have been discussed in countless posts and you will learn a lot. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better and sometimes you improve with the treatment. That is what we call the X-Factor in rosacea.
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