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Thread: Why do people's faces have a burn/sting feeling when they have Rosacea?

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    [quote=Brady Barrows;352920]

    Wouldn't it be incredible if any rosaceans who are treated with hydroxycholoroquine for COVID-19 also discovered that their rosacea improves or clears up! Is virus involved in rosacea?

    "Recognition of bacteria and viruses [bold added] initiates the inflammatory cascade involving the release of cytokines, recruitment of immune cells, and production of AMPs and ISGs. AMPs and ISGs represent one of the most important and robust immune mechanisms in the skin. However, pathogenic bacteria?such as S. aureus?and cutaneous viruses [bold added] have evolved mechanisms to counteract innate immune mechanisms." [3]

    I am on a hunt to find out the cause of my acne rosacea that started out of the blue in the March lockdown (UK). One of my theories is that my skin disorder, ( papery dry around mouth, spots, now reddening face) might be lingering damage caused by the Covid virus. That would make sense with any positive results from hydroxycholoroquine.

    Sometimes I wonder if contact with the virus, in the air when food shopping etc, triggers off my immune system causing a flare up of spots too. On the other hand a recent too long bath seems to have created this years new spreading symptom of red face & spots spreading up my face.

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    After drinking some alcohol, my face became red and I had some hot flushes. The burning sensation on my face was bad. Of course, the worst was the faces of my friends, that didn't understand what was going on.

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