Curious if anyone has ever had an issue with their Finacea ordered from Australia. Always ordered mine through Cincotta Chemist with no issues. When they ran out of supply, I switched to Chemist Direct. First batch no problem, second batch I never noticed the tingly feeling after applied. The time frame happens to coincide with my first ever flare up since diagnosis of type 2 rosacea and use of finacea over 6 years ago. It was so under control I didn't think there was any association when I got a weird rash around my mouth after a camping trip. Made the mistake of going to my GP who prescribed a topical steroid. Which cleared it up but then (duh) rebounded worse after stopping it. Then saw the derm who put me on 2x a day minocycline and pimecrolimus as needed. Cleared up but then came back after stopping antibiotics. Resumed minocycline and tried ivermectin but reacted poorly to it. Don't believe it was die-off, it was an immediate response to an inactive ingredient I think. Gave me huge cystic bumps within 8 hours that turned into hard nodules. Tea trea oil was able to clear it up but the "rash" continues. I want to be done with the oral antibiotics because I'm concerned about my gut bacteria so my doc wants me to start metrogel. Never tried it before but I read that finacea has always been superior to it which had me wondering why finacea worked wonders for so long then suddenly failed me. Just a hypothesis I'm testing and would love to hear if anyone else has had a similar issue.