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Thread: terpinen-4-ol for demodex related skin issues

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    Default terpinen-4-ol for demodex related skin issues

    Hey everyone. Iíve posted on here many times about my skin woes over the years as well as some of my own discoveries on what my actual skin condition is. My symptoms didnít seem to fully fit into the typical rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis categories because of this fine follicular scale I had that I would later find out is something called pityriasis folliculorum. Itís a hallmark yet little known feature that presents itself when there is a large overgrowth of demodex that pretty much go undetected by the immune system. I had this for about 4 years before it progressed into type 2 rosacea. I ended up doing my own skin scraping which revealed large amounts of demodex (>5/cm2) and it was later confirmed by a dermatologist that was familiar with the condition.

    ANYWAY! I tried a couple treatments that basically yielded no results like:
    Metronidazole 250mg three times daily for 2 weeks alongside Ivermectin 12mg once a week for 4 weeks
    Topical Soolantra (broke me out within 2 days and I stopped :/ might have worked)
    HOCL spray
    Sulfur wash (allergic like reaction)
    Azelaic acid

    My dermatologist suggested an ointment with 3% sulfur, 2% salicylic acid, and 1% hydrocortisone however, Im not trying to use a steroid for a condition that can be caused by steroids in the first place without trying other options. So I decided to try CLIRADEX wipes and foam. Iíve had better results with this than anything I have ever tried so far. The itching, scaling, redness and pustules are about 70% improved. I have been using the products for a little over 2 weeks which is the longest I have been able to use anything. Of course, this is by no means a long time and it could always stop helping but my skin has never felt this calm and smooth in over 5 years. My routine is as follows:

    Morning- use cliradex foam on entire face and behind ears. This is a leave on product. It feels cooling and soaks right in.
    Night- Wash with Tranquil Eyes 1% Tea tree foaming face wash (this is extremely gentle). I let my face dry and then use a cliradex wipe on the entire face as well as in and around ears. I cut the wipe into 4 pieces and use two on my face and eyes and 2 on my ears. This BURNS like the fire of a thousand suns around the eyes but it subsides in about 30 seconds and my face feels calm. Keep in mind my skin is highly sensitive and reactive.

    Cliradex uses terpinen-4-ol which kills demodex and is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is said to me more gentle on skin than the concentrations of tea tree oil needed to kill demodex. The scaling and itching in my eyebrows and ears is 95% gone and my facial skin is about 70% improved. Im cautiously optimistic that in time this will help keep my condition at bay or at least tolerable. Unfortunately Cliradex is pretty pricey but if you want to try this method they do have deals here and there.

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    Thanks Capture531 for your update. Keep us posted in three months if this is still working for you. There are many other reports that Cliradex works.
    Brady Barrows
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Barrows View Post
    Thanks Capture531 for your update. Keep us posted in three months if this is still working for you. There are many other reports that Cliradex works.
    Its been a little over a month and I continue to have 90% improvement in my symptoms. Itching is completely gone, redness it mild, pimples are managed, and the flaking is much better. Still there but much improved.

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