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Thread: This is not BS. I honestly to some extent have found a 'cure'

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    Default This is not BS. I honestly to some extent have found a 'cure'

    Ok. While watching YouTube videos I watched this Korean guy talk about only washing with water and eventually your sebum levels will normalize and your skin will detox. He said it takes a few months.

    Well I can report after about 3 months of this regime I feel like I'm to some extent cured. No flaking, skin seems stronger and it seems to be constantly moving toward a healed state.

    I'm gonna give a bit of detail cause just saying water only is not enough. So firstly I had/have a really bad case of SD. It's not the worst but it's not mild and I've had it for over 2 decades. I have tried I think everything that anyone ever used for this condition.

    Ok so what I do is I shower in the morning and dont use soap on any part of my body. I use warm to hot water and have long showers enough to get my hair clean. I am not afraid to use my fingers and hands to rub my face and run oils from my head to me face. After the shower I rub my face of any dead skin. At first I was quite rough with the towel but now I dont seem to have any flaky skin so towel pretty normally. I dont pat dry though and still rub my face gently.

    I also bought a cheap shower attachment off ebay for 10 bucks which I put on the hand part of the shower. I actually don't use it much but when I do my skin does feel softer. I use a crystal under arm deodorant stick and that's it. My hair looks normal and not greasy.

    So for the first week or two I still felt some flakiness on my face and in the morning tended to rub my face. But as time has gone on the flakiness has disappeared. I havent ever missed a morning shower which is why I said 'cure' cause I dunno what would happen if I didnt shower. But anyway my skin is the best it's been since I was in my teens and this regime feels natural and makes sense to me. Annoyed I didnt try this before.

    I wanna give my theory on why this has worked for me. I think firstly we all do something really strange and wonder why we have skin problems. God never meant us to put a bunch of chemicals and soaps on our faces and hair and then we say why donI have this incurable condition??? Its kind of stupid if you think about it. So firstly using only water is doing exactly what our skin is susposed to be treated like imo. Also i think by unplugging out pores daily we create unnatural flows of oil. I think soap shouldn't be in such a sensitive part of our skin ie the pores and it takes a while to detox soap and chemicals out of them. So as I was saying natural plugs actually block oil flow and by using only water we keep the skin clean but we dont break down these natural plugs and oil moisture layer on our skin.

    The only thing to add is recently I discovered boric acid which I have used for a few days cause I heard it's a natural antifungal and wanted to see what it did. I have found it took my skin to another level and I will probbaly use it occasionally if I never feel the fungal side of SD gives any redness etc.

    So actually I really want others to try this regime, it cost nothing but needs a bit of persistence to get past the first couple of weeks but even those weren't hard. There was a temptation to grab for the shampoo and soap for the first week or so but now I wouldn't want to at all now I have seen the progressive healing I am having.

    So please let's make this thread a group to try this regime and help each other do this. Btw I've tried splashing just water on my face, this isnt that. You have to really wash well with warm to hot water. You arent susposed to feel dirty ever. And you need to persist to see the real healing. Anyone game?
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