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This tea tree oil tooth paste has really helped me with mouth ulcers/burning:

I find the probiotic, Symprove, helps me tolerate a little dairy every few days, together with Integrative Therapeutics Similase GFCF. I've never found a milk substitute that agrees with me either.

The shaking is concerning - not sure a dermatologist is best placed to help with that symptom.

What type of specialist are you waiting to see?

Some people treat ocular rosacea with tea tree oil wipes.
I agree with antwantsclear. I think you really need to see a specialist. I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting the help you should be getting from the right places.

I also don't think a dermatologist is the best person to be treating you. The tremors in the hands and feet need to be checked by a specialist.

I can highly recommend Prof D'Cruz if you can travel to London. He sees patients privately as well as on the NHS and I think if you pay private then you don't need a referral from a GP. But I completely understand the cost of the treatment may be prohibitive. Alternatively is there any way you can get referred to him through your GP on the NHS?

Do you get visible flushing on your hands and feet as well? If it's not visible perhaps also push to see a neurologist.