Hi all,

It has been a while since I have posted since I have been battling some serious depression along with my worsening rosacea. Whatís fun about these two conditions is that the treatments for depression have made my rosacea so much worse (Yay!). Anyway, I now experience strong stinging sensations all day long across my cheek bones and forehead. This is paired with other rosacea symptoms that Iím sure we are all familiar with but I donít feel like I need to get in to. I see myself with type 1 and ocular mainly with hypersensitive skin. I have read posts around about stinging but it appears that the medications noted all will affect my ocular rosacea (by drying out my eyes more). Has anyone with neurogenic rosacea stinging found relief that didnít cause worsening of other symptoms?

Thoughts on treatment options
-Low dose naltrexone?
-Low dose accutane?

Iíve tried propranolol (made me much more red, tired, dry eyes), clonidine (same experience) but nothing has helped the sting. I donít flush very badly although my skin does look horrible and red almost all of the time...itís just the constant stinging that I can not get over.