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So most of the medications you mentioned for the ocular symptoms treat the symptoms, not eliminate the cause. If demodex mites are the culprit, your eye symptoms would respond in a week or so to a simple tea tree eyelash solution like Oust. I know you said you've moved away from trying creams, and I understand your frustration, but humor me and try the Ocusoft Oust demodex cleaner eye wash for a week. I bought mine on Amazon for $10. If you kill the demodex mites, your eyes will heal. Then you can start working on your skin. Here's an article on demodex and the misdiagnosis of so many rosacea/ocular rosacea cases due to doctors underestimating the prevalence and severity of demodex mites: https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/ar...e-mitey-menace. I know you tried Soolantra without much luck, which I hear from a lot of people. I've given ZZ cream to 4 people now who said Soolantra didn't do anything, and all four have had unbelievable success with ZZ cream. It doesn't even sound realistic, but these are people who've had rosacea for 10+ years, and I had it for 20 years with no relief. I'm not trying to steer you in the wrong direction, but if I stayed silent I would always wonder if you could have been helped the way I was helped. Here are my before and after pics from using ZZ cream: red2.jpgred.jpgred6.jpgred4.jpg. You should also see RedRecluse's post with pics. I know it's not the solution for everyone, but it has helped a ton of rosaceans who were misdiagnosed for many years. Keep us posted!
I agree Soolantra does not seem a very effective treatment for demodex mites compared to some alternatives. People who do reject demodex mites as a cause of their rosacea should remember both that they are actually very hard to eliminate, and also that you can expect some die off symptoms when you first try to treat them (e.g. for 2-3 weeks).