Hi guys,

Iíve recently started using the white vinegar method after seeing it on here. Been doing it for about two weeks and itís been really good at evening out the texture. I took a break for a day or two after a VBeam treatment for rosacea last week and then gradually increased the ratio plus time it was on my face.

It doesnít seem to be doing a lot for the redness so Iím assuming that itís essentially just exfoliating the biofilm off and not actually killing the seb derm.

I used a bit of nizoral (ketoconazole 2%) last night afterwards to start to kill the seb derm and Iíve woke up this morning noticing the areas are more inflamed than usually.

Is it normal for the nizoral to have an effect this quickly and its in the ďdie offĒ phase where it gets worse because itís killing it before it gets better?

Or alternatively have I just overdone it and itís flared up the area?

Many thanks