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Thread: Die off period with white vinegar method and nizoral

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    Default Die off period with white vinegar method and nizoral

    Hi guys,

    I’ve recently started using the white vinegar method after seeing it on here. Been doing it for about two weeks and it’s been really good at evening out the texture. I took a break for a day or two after a VBeam treatment for rosacea last week and then gradually increased the ratio plus time it was on my face.

    It doesn’t seem to be doing a lot for the redness so I’m assuming that it’s essentially just exfoliating the biofilm off and not actually killing the seb derm.

    I used a bit of nizoral (ketoconazole 2%) last night afterwards to start to kill the seb derm and I’ve woke up this morning noticing the areas are more inflamed than usually.

    Is it normal for the nizoral to have an effect this quickly and its in the “die off” phase where it gets worse because it’s killing it before it gets better?

    Or alternatively have I just overdone it and it’s flared up the area?

    Many thanks

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    How are you diluting the vinegar ratio wise?
    1:4 I find a good range for my skin, but you may have to trial and error to see what suits you.
    Max 60 seconds on your face. Wash off with cold water.

    As for the Nizoral, is it the shampoo you are putting on? If so stop immediately.

    I've read on here, other forums, Reddit etc people saying to wash your face with shampoo. It's a terrible idea, it's been designed for your scalp, it's too harsh for thinner skin on your face.

    Anyone that gives that advice needs banning from that platform imo

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    Last summer, I washed my beard with an anti-dandruff (ciclopirox olamine) scalp shampoo. Afterwards, I found the underlying facial skin to be quite severely inflamed. I shudder to think what the results might have been if I had applied this product to the more tender areas of my face.

    I would therefore agree with dpw28 that, in general, this method of treatment is probably not a good idea. That said, I personally may yet give it one more try, using a (supposedly) gentler, climbazole shampoo I have, as I still need to find a way to treat this condition. In theory, a gentler product that doesn't induce irritation (which remains to be seen) might just be what I'm looking for.

    I would certainly suggest proceeding with caution though.

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