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Thread: IBS, Starch and Resistant Starch

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    Default IBS, Starch and Resistant Starch

    Given I have derailed the ZZ Cream thread by introducing the importance of gut flora, no matter what other tools are implemented, including topicals, I thought I would start a new thread in the right section.

    I will attach a link written by Grace Liu, PharmD, AFMCP
    Functional Medicine Practitioner.

    She talks about the need to avoid starch and resistant starch until SIBO is cleared. Probiotics should often be avoided too, especially the lacto type.

    I have mentioned the GAPS diet before and how I found it a useful tool in initial stages of recovery.
    Grace mentions this diet and other similar ones as well.
    Whilst fasting is not mentioned here, it is another useful tool. Intermittent fasting is easy to do.

    Another useful read:
    Norman Robillard, Ph.D., Founder of Digestive Health Institute is a gut health expert.

    The classic 'chicken and rice' diet advised by dietitians could be problematic.
    However, Dr Robillard does suggest one type of rice may be less problematic.
    Previous Numerous IPL.
    Supplements: Niacinamide, Vit K2, low D3, Vit A. Moderate Dose Vit C, Iodine, Taurine, Magnesium. Very low dose B's. Low dose zinc (to correct deficiency).
    Skin Care: No Cleanser, ZZ cream mixed with Niacinamide gel 4% and LMW HA 2%, ethyl ascorbate 2%.

    Treating for gut dysbiosis.(This is helping).
    Previous GAPS diet. Have now introduced lots of fibre.
    Fermented Foods. Intermittent fasting -16-18 hours.
    Oral Colostrum. Helps reduce food reactions.

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    Interesting. I think in the long run proper diet is really the way to go. I mean anything you take orally if it is medication, supplements it only makes sense that food makes a big influence too.

    I might just remind of this myself as I'm kinda living in denial still when it comes to diet.

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