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Thread: Eyebrows hairloss! Fixed the symptoms but no regrowth

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    9 days using this product shows no significant improvement besides scale and dandruff but that's probably because it's a greasy oil that camoflagues the dandruff. I like the fact there's no more scale which looks horrid but the itch and loss continue. I found that before I started it I was able to reduce 99% of scale appearance using tea tree oil though every 3 to 5 days. I'm going to use this product another 2 weeks but I doubt it'll help. I don't know what this condition is, it's not scarring alopecia but maybe chronic telegon effluvium but I'm not sure. Biopsys never reveal much for this. It's been 2 years now, nothing works lol. My itch seems to be a lot worse then everyone else's. It itches the most when having contact with water or after washing with water it can itch for a while. The odd thing is I had very low scale and no itch whatsoever the first 6 months of this.
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    The product I'm using is prairie whitening scalp revatilizing serum. Feels horrible but doesn't make anything worse. Seems to make my scalp hair a lot darker and straighter.

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