Hi dear rosaceans! 🙂

Finally, after years observing, decided to have a more active role on the community!
I'm a 28 years old male with a neurogenic form of rosacea mainly triggered by emotions (almost any kind), dry/hot rooms and exercise! Since kid I had the blushing magic trick always ready to surprise every one , but as the time passed this trick evolved resulting in some shades of pink in all the face, mainly on the cheeks.

The part about rosacea that annoys me more isn't the redness itself, but the constant burning, stinging and tight feeling of the face! I can easily live with a red face, but the burning is just annoying and make you stay so self-conscious and in an alert state that takes you almost all the focus from everything else!

During this last 10 years, past all the tried topicals and proper diet, had 2 IPL sessions and 1 Vbeam done. Also been taking some beta blockers on stress situations to handle the blushing/flushing a little better or cut it at all.

I think this is all! I hope to add some info to the discussion and learn a little more!

Thank you for all the info that I've been gathering here all this past years! I hope I can see all of you handling this beast! 🙂

p.s.: typos incoming, I'm not a native English speaker 😀