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Thread: Newly Single, lord help me

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    Default Newly Single, lord help me

    I remember thinking over the past few years that it would suck having to date
    and stuff again after my Rosacea has progressed. Well guess what, 4 year relationship ended
    a few months ago and I find myself staring it down.

    Almost 32, in a new city for work and wanting to find myself again, get out and meet people, date..
    but in that 4 year span my type 1 symptoms have worsened and are uncontrollable with triggers.
    As if it's not hard enough to meet people after 30 and in a new city lol

    I'm trying not to fall into complete introversion from it but it does keep me from going out as
    much as I would without symptoms for sure. My main concern is I can't just go
    enjoy a good local beer or two and meet someone without flushing, I'm a very light drinker
    but ill still flush unless I lightly sip beer with ice water in between.. hard liquor and wine
    is a guaranteed flush regardless. I was considering trying Antihistamine like Pepcid to combat the
    specific drinking flushing this weekend.

    Makeup is something I've considered as a last resort but I don't have a readily available female "consultant" (girlfriend)
    anymore or even much in the way of friends here yet for that matter, I feel like that method flew the coop for now.

    Any advice for the social/drinking triggered situations? I hate that this specific flush
    is the most persistent and will linger for an entire day or evening once it presents, even worse
    than an intense workout flush which seems to die down much more quickly.
    I do the obvious in avoiding triggering situations and stuff but its also hard not to when you're
    trying to drink socially and meet people.

    My current regimen of Propranolol, Clonidine every 4 hours and Mirvaso every 12
    hasn't changed in almost 3 years and remains effective in environment without
    triggers but ineffective when the triggers of temp, workout and social are introduced.
    It has me living a lifestyle of avoidance of the big triggers, going to gym at non peak times

    On a side note, I haven't posted in here recently but am kinda frustrated there haven't been
    any breakthroughs in treatment for type recently or am I missing something? Rhofade was ineffective
    for me and only produced a stinging sensation and different variation/pattern/timing of flushing
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    wow , you sound to have symptoms and meds exactly like me !

    try zantac and gaviscon liquid ( or similar ) to line your stomach before drinking - ive found it works well , if it does for you too then there could be problems with your stomach lining ( too permeable )

    i took a leaky gut test and it came back positive meaning that particles / molecules are leaking through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream , causing the immune system to react to them and causing flushing and other symptoms ...

    you may be different but i knew something was wrong with my digestive system even though my doctor wouldnt accept it , and eventually found i had 3 chronic stomach ulcers and possibly H pylori infection ( still waiting on results )

    ive been treating them for 6 weeks and things are getting better but still not fixed , do you have any problems with flushing from food ?

    as for the meds , im finding propanolol isnt working as well as clonidine now , how much do you take of both ?

    mirvaso - ive used it daily for about 3.5 years and its been a lifesaver for me many times but not many people on here like it to say the least !

    im going to try IPL next week for the flushing and blotchiness , might be worth considering ?

    good luck !

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