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Thanks, and thanks for the dosage references (will see my derm soon). It's interesting that plaquenil (anti-inflammatory - but don't know precise MOA) can correct this ... at least partially.

I've never taken accutane but for ~10 yrs prior to flushing/burning onset, my lips would peel off / fall off each day. A recent lip biopsy showed some inflammation but nothing alarming. Clonidine I believe dried out my nose (a couple nose bleeds / wk) and seemed to accelerate nose flushing/burning symptoms. Got better after I went off, but never back to baseline on its own. I would understand I guess how severe drying out could set a cycle of hyper-reactivity in motion.
From the erythromelalgia recommendations, I am trying Periactin, have you tried this yet? I am finding it quite helpful so far and much lower risk than accutane. Also, how is mexiletine going? Clonidine is not a very effective medicine I don't think from my experience - I still think it's worth trying moxonodine before accutane, though I know it's hard to get in the US (but it's far more effective). Similarly mexiletine is really hard to get in the UK, and I'm still trying to get it!