I seem to be in the midst of the worst flare ever. I had this all under control over Summer but since the weather had got colder it's returned along with the horrible night flushing.

I can't lie down or sleep, the flushing in my cheeks and ears are so bad. Now I have hot, red patches of skin which aren't calming down. I really hope they do.

I'm on clonidine 50mcg 3 x a day and 15mg mirtazapine at night. The mitazapine really helped me when I first started having all the symptoms earlier this year however it seems to have no effect now.

Should I up my dose of both clonidine and mirtzapine? Is there anything else anyone can recommend? Would plaquenil perhaps help? Perhaps duloxetine? I need something to stop the night flushing before it does anymore damage.

I have a pack of carvedilol which I have never taken. Worth trying that now? Has that helped anyone with flushing?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.