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    I've been using on/off baby powder on my face for the last few months with ok results. I take it more after I put on my sunscreen to dampen the shininess from the sunscreen and my oily skin, but it actually seems to calm my skin to some degree. Now inhaling baby powder is not good me using it around the nose and mouth I guess. I actually tried cornstarch too but it seems weird putting on something like that and it doesn't spread that good.

    Anyone have experience in powders like that? Preferably without parfume.

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    Numerous different powders are uses in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for application to the skin. Dusting powders are not necessarily talc-based (and, it should be borne in mind that talc is becoming less desirable nowadays due to suspicions regarding it containing asbestos).

    Starch from several botanical sources is used for these purposes and cornstarch is one of the types used. Different starches have different physical characteristics, some flow easily, some have a very soft spreading texture and so on.

    If you can get them (they are used by the food industry but may not be available to the small user) cornstarch, rice starch, potato starch, tapioca (cassava) starch are worth examining. Somewhat less suitable are wheat, barley and oat starches as they tend to have a coarse texture.

    Be sure to get starch rather than flour if you try any of these.

    As an aside, there was/is a product by Calvin Klein called 'liquid talc' which contains no talc whatsoever but uses tapioca starch. Note, I am not suggesting you use this (it is highly perfumed), I'm just indicating that such products are available.

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