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Thread: Demodex mites ?

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    Question Demodex mites ?

    Hello all

    I have responded really well to LDN and knocked my flushing and nerve pain down by about 85%! YAY!

    However, I still have what I can only describe as a pressure or activity particularly on my nose and cheeks.

    Could those feelings be a description of demodex mites?

    I also have tiny red dots on my skin (they come and go).

    Any advice thoughts would be appreciated.


    *Vit D3,Theratears Omega 3.

    *LDN since October 2018.

    *REN skincare range. TARTE cosmetics.

    *Tried Clonidine, Moxonidine & Atenolol (None being taken at present ).

    *Yearly IPL treatments until 2009.

    * RLT Journey!" (Sept 09) **Using Britebox Revive..(Stopped ).

    History of Hyperthyroidism (Graves) Lichen Planus (oral)


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    Thanks for your update on LDN. Glad it is improving your flushing and nerve pain.

    There are physicians who recommend using a skin scraping with a light microscope to get a demodex density count, however, a Russian study reports that such a test is not as reliable as the Confocal laser scanning in vivo microscopy. Most doctors do not take the time for any such test and simply treat for demodectic rosacea with ivermectin which rules this out. If you don't respond to ivermectin (permethrin or crotamiton are other options) within thirty days, this rules out demodectic rosacea. A cheap, non prescription way to rule out demodex mites is horse paste. It takes at least a month to three months to rule out demodex. The ZZ Cosmetic is another option. If you do improve, then you have demodectic rosacea. Handing out a treatment, usually a prescription by a physician who says, 'come back in a month', is usually how most doctors rule out a condition/disease. If it works, great! If it doesn't work, they hand out another treatment and repeat this process over and over until something either works (Voila! You have this disease!) or they throw up their hands and say 'we don't know the diagnosis'. Of course, physicians may also run a battery of tests to rule out diseases and there are a number of them for rosacea.
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