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Thread: V Beam or IPL for darker skin tones

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    Default V Beam or IPL for darker skin tones

    Hi there,

    I've been recommended by a dermatologist to treat some broken capillaries and redness with IPL. I'm very reluctant to do this as I have quite a lot of pain in that area from what I think is damaged nerve endings. The pain is actually worse than any redness which tends to come and go and I'm worried that the IPL will exacerbate this. Has anyone found it helped with the pain? Is V Beam a better option?

    Also my skin tone is naturally darker and more olive toned. Has anyone else with a darker skin tone safely done IPL or V Beam? I'm assuming the heat from the IPL would be too much for my skin.


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    I would prefer Vbeam as it uses a specific wavelength that targets the vessels, whereas IPL is a broad spectrum light that will get absorbed by all tissues. The IPL can damage melanin and hair follicles. I'm a little olive and have had both vbeam and IPL without issues, but the darker your skin the more likely it is that the melanocytes can get damaged. That said I'd rather get IPL from a competent practitioner rather than vbeam from someone incompetent, so it depends what your options are where you live.

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