I developed rosacea very suddenly around the start of this year. I had very bad flushing attacks on my cheeks with a lot of pain and swelling starting in January this year after a long term low dose course of Accutane. The flushing happened in the evening after food especially and when lying down. I was prescribed Clonidine and Mirtazapine which helped for the worst of the flushes and the swelling. As we got into Summer the flushing seemed to resolve itself but now that we're going into colder weather it's started coming back. I've got to the point where I'm scared to eat food or to lie down in case I flush.

I felt I was a lot better in the warmth and sunshine.

I've been to countless GPs, physicians, and dermatologists, tested positive for SIBO however I'm hitting a bit of a dead end.

My main problem is the pain, sometimes at its worse I get electric shock like sensations from the nerves firing off on my cheeks. The pain is independent of the redness. I sometimes actually have more pain when there's no redness. It is very hard getting doctor's to treat me as if they see me when I happen to be pale on the day of the appointment they think I'm fine. It's very debilitating, I've never felt pain like this and it's constantly there. If I walk and exercise though I noticed the pain subsides for a bit.

I'm still on a dose of Clonidine 2x25mcg 3 times a day, 15mg Mirtazapine a night. I've been considering lowering the clonidine as I've also developed some bad Raynauds in my hands and feet and I feel that it is somehow overly constricting the blood vessels. I'm wondering if it's actually making the pain worse. I'm also wondering whether this is rosacea and not a possible form of Raynauds on my face. Sometimes the blood vessels on my face go blanched white or slightly blue before they go red and flush. My ears have started flushing badly when lying down as well and it's very painful.

I have been seeing Prof Chu recently but I understand that he is retiring in December this year. Can anyone please recommend any other dermatologists that specialise in this in the UK or in London? Also can anyone recommend any good neurologists or pain clinics in the UK? I've been hearing about a lot of treatments for neurogenic rosacea on these boards such as lidocaine infusions which I would like to try. I'm having a hard time getting my GP to send me to a pain clinic. She just refuses even though I've told her the pain is making me have suicidal thoughts. I'm now having to go private.