Both me and my husband got blepharitis last year. I immediately suspected demodex as the normal treatment made both our eyes worse. I went to my old Doctors and said I think I’ve got Rosacea . He said no coz you haven’t got spots. But I kept telling my family I had rosacea and they said no you’ve not got spots. So I said I could feel it coming as skin was super sensitive. I was getting spots but sudecrem was keeping them at bay. Then blam the facial redness of rosacea kicked in and so did my husbands. I kept saying we needed to treat ourselves but everyone thought I was mad. Anyway I asked my new doctor for soolantra and she gave me some aswell as metrogel but I was confused as to what to use. So tried both but couldn’t figure out which was disagreeing with me.

Anyway went privately and was immediately diagnosed with Rosacea and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.
Started Soolantra and so has my husband it seems to be working better for him than me.

So my Question is ...... Is it catching ? Many say not but why both of us at the same time both started with Blepharitis first then the rosacea.

We have Dogs but again neither have mange and again it’s not supposed to be from dogs anyway.

What are your thoughts?