About five years ago I was persuaded by the writings of the late Dr. William Douglass, MD, to begin using tobacco. [I will give a link to Dr. Douglass' writings when permitted.] I aimed for a general increase in health, but after about three weeks on tobacco I was relieved of depression. This benefit alone will keep me on tobacco for the rest of my life. I do not have rosacea but do have other skin conditions and a north European heritage. Two of my blood kin have rosacea. It finally occurred to me to take tobacco in capsules. A capsule-filling tool and empty capsules are available at health food stores or through the internet, and tobacco may be bought through the internet, but I grow part of what I use. If you are considering using tobacco to control rosacea or its often accompanying depression, I recommend capsules. Capsules give a measured dose, so once you have determined the minimum amount needed, you will not be in danger of overdosing (nicotine poisoning). I weight 180 pounds and take one "O" size capsule three times a day with food.

If you have diabetes, you probably should not use tobacco because it may restrict blood flow to the toes. Capsules require powders. Persons with asthma should not work with powdered herbs.

Tobacco capsules are not addictive. I do not crave them. I am unaware of any harm from them, and I expect to receive the protective benefits described by Dr. Douglass. There is a claim of relief of rosacea from marijuana. It too could be put into capsules. Capsules are economical and convenient, and they do not require anything to be put into the lungs.