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Thread: V-Beam Purpura Healing Stages

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    I can't advise about the specific side effect you're getting, but I agree with the suggestion to stay away from Nd:YAG. I think it made my flushing worse, it's not the optimal wavelength for destroying veins, and my dermatologist thinks it can cause angiogenesis. I've had good experiences with the latest Vbeam model operated by a specialized dermatologist, though it's important to take a cautious approach to any light-based treatment and to carefully evaluate the operator and the equipment he or she plans to use. With the doctor I'm seeing now, we worked slowly worked our way up to the maximum settings over 5 treatments, and using this approach I was able to get good results with minimal downtime and bruising.

    Though my dermatologist doesn't approve of it, you might also want to look into topical tranexamic acid.

    As an aside, unless I've misunderstood, Nd:YAG is not a PDL (there is no dye).

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    Really appreciate both your replies. I think im going to stay away from the ND;YAG my experience has been really disappointing and both your testimonials also confirm that. it sounds like you've both had really good treatments with vbeam, I dont suppose you can recommend anyone around London? Were you both able to achieve your results without the usual 2-3 week bruising?

    Thanks again.

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