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Thread: Soolantra worsened my dermatitis

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    Default Soolantra worsened my dermatitis

    The following is after 2 days of applying Soolantra on my cheeks. Originally I just had moderate redness below the eyes, so I wanted to address the rosacea. With Soolantra, the skin suddenly got tense/taut, even more inflamed (more redness overall), and with skin peeling / dermatitis. I'm taking this as a signal that I should stop ivermectin.

    One other thing I want to mention is I feel like my problems are related to sunlight. As soon as I step out in the sun, I feel intense heat on my face and tingling sensations. Whether that caused the original rosacea, or this worsening of seborrheic dermatitis with Soolantra, I don't know. But it wasn't this bad before I started Soolantra, both in terms of peeling and inflammation.
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    Another test would be to apply a dab of Soolantra on your inside wrist arm and see if after rubbing the Soolantra into your wrist if your skin turns red after a few hours. If so, you are definitely allergic to Soolantra. If not, then you are probably getting a reaction from the demodex mites to the ivermectin applied on your facial area using the Soolantra. The ivermectin apparently is killing the mites and the reaction is usually your skin gets worse before it gets better.

    If you read through the King of Soolantra threads you will notice that many, many report that it gets worse before it gets better.

    There are some who report that horse paste is tolerated better than Soolantra, mainly due to the small number of inactive ingredients in horse paste over the huge number of inactive ingredients in Soolantra which is called the 'basis for the vehicle.' The horse paste has more ivermectin than Soolantra per gram with less inactive ingredients.

    Since you state you are suffering form SD, recommend you read Tom Busby's SD Treatment Protocol.
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