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Sorry, but I think that is dangerous advice. Some people need antidepressants. Not everyone, but plenty do. Giving someone with anxiety or depression the advice to "just stop giving a damn" isn't helpful at all, in fact it's incredibly dismissive and disrespectful to people who are suffering with mental illness.
Not being dismissive or disrespectful. I ended up in hospital after trying to kill myself on trazodone.
And that’s something I would have never have done before going on antidepressants.
Some people need these drugs and they help them. And I was taking them for pain and I can honestly say
I’d rather have the pain than what they have done to my body and mind.
All I’m saying is do your research start on the smallest dose possible. Try everything natural first.
There is a reason these big pharmaceutical companies make these drugs so hard to come off and that’s
This drug I’m on now messed with my vision gave me terrible bowels ( just what you need when you have gastritis) and night sweats that have aggregated both my SD and Rosacea. And found out recently it’s like trying to get off of heroine in fact in the US the makers are being sued. But they are still prescribing this in the UK.