Thanks for all that info. I don’t eat diary, wheat rice etc... to be honest I don’t really like eating at all anymore. With the association of pain that I developed with Crohn’s disease and now with rosacea you develop quite a complex eating disorder.

It seems quite insane how rosacea really does devastate lives and yet it is deemed quite trivial when you speak to dermatologists. A couple of dermatologists I have seen have been quite honest and said there isn’t much they can do. I will look into those supplements you mentioned but I have worked with a functional medicine doctor before for my skin and sibo and spent 1000s of pounds to no effect. I will be honest nothing ever worked noticeably. I think some of this works if you have mild skin issues, but at the extreme end I feel you just have to adapt to living inside. I have been out of the house about 6 or 7 times this year and I no longer speak to people and avoid all contact with people when I can.

I find it ironic that out of all the diseases I have, rosacea which is considered a mild skin complaint is the one that will probably kill me, such is life!

Thanks again for being supportive and sharing the info, I know we are all suffering and looking for some relief and the kindness of strangers is much appreciated.