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Demodex mites are present on 95% of adults, so you almost certainly have them, the only issue is to what extent they are impacting on your skin condition. I've found the Skinceuticals cream very helpful. I use it, for example, after botox injections for rosacea, as it helps the skin heal quicker where the injections are. I react to most creams, but not that one. Zhongzhou cream can be very helpful to tackle the demodex mites but you may want to improve the skin barrier before you use it.
Yeah, I know about demodex mites but I dont know if they actually are a problem in my case. I think I will try the SkinCeuticals product you say or another one with similar characteristics. Do you know more products like that one? In order to have more options...
In this moment I dont wanna try Zhongzhou cream, it has ingredients that I dont like. In any case, I want to test if I have an infestation before using any product to kill them and hurting my skin.
Have you read of anyone that has usted Blue Ice Fermented Cod LIver Oil Beauty Balm? I am really interested because of the vitamin A and D content. It might be beneficial for the skin.