Hi, all!

Just want to share my experience, hoping there are others in the same situation that can help me.
Short story: one day after I did my first IPL session, everytime I lay down (especially at night) I feel a weird sensation in my right cheek… It is like I can really feel how the blood flows through the capillaries in that part of the face; how it comes and goes as in a swing; how the capillaries work, dilating and shrinking. That feeling usually comes with burning senation, too.

I am pretty sure it is consequence of that first IPL treatment, cannot explain why, but I know it. Hoping this could be fixed, I did others IPL sessions. It has not worked, that sensation is still with me.

IPL has done something in my skin, capillaries, overall inflamation or whatever. **** it.

Help, please? I really wanna know every theory you have.