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That's more or less the same as the copper bromide laser I tried (578nm). There was no noticeable effect but I only had one session so maybe I should give it another go. The fact that there is zero discomfort and zero downtime probably came into it as well - I just didn't feel it had done anything. The clinic I was going do doesn't have Vbeam. Although the treatment they recommended hasn't worked, I think the people there are pretty knowledgeable. I know of another clinic that does have Vbeam but have no idea about the staff there. Would you switch for the difference between copper bromide and Vbeam?
If the treatment hasn't worked for you so far, I'd be worried that pursuing it further would cause further damage to your rosacea and skin. There are many accounts like this in this part of the forum. As you say, you were happy with the quality of the practitioner. Laser and IPL just does not work for a lot of people with rosacea.