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Thread: Help? Lots of things happening all of a suđen

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    So hmm , i feel Like my rosacea is on my body too (torso and palms)which makes the whole thing a bit more confusing and weird,i have red mosquito bites like spots and even some pustules on my back ,chest and stomach area,basically the whole torso is affected,less than the face but as far as i know its quite atypical for rosacea to be So widespread ..general redness across my whole face with the skin texture being quite bad looking ,all thinned out,oily with visible capilliaries and something sticking out of the pores(keratin plugs?demodex?) and some pustules and papules .on top of all of that i developed serrborheic dermatitis on my scalp,Ears and a bit in the eyebrows.aaaand not to forget to mention tellogen effluvium ( wide spread shedding of all the hair of my body with the hair root) . I have tried oral ivermectin which didnt really help,went to an ayurvedic Doctor Just a week ago who diagnosed me with excess acidity in the GI tract and gave me an alkaline diet to follow(lots of vegetables and fruits+suplements) ,So I'll see what happens .all of this started this year ,im 25 and was healthy Up until this happened..has anyone gone through something similiar, any advice is welcome as im quite overwhelmed by This

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    The general consensus is rosacea usually affects the facial region, but there are a few reports that rosacea goes beyond the face. It would be prudent to have your dermatologist examine you and take a history, possibly administer some tests to rule out other skin conditions, the list is a massive one that keeps growing. And as you point out you can have rosacea and SD at the same time since you discovered that you can have co-existing conditions. Treatment for GUT Rosacea has helped some, so your ayurvedic doctor may have put you on the right track.
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    Thank you for the reply Brady !

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