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Thread: Seen derm and hand pomphloyx

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    Default Seb derm and dyshidrosis eczema

    I was browsing through a pretty popular thread. The one where this Jeff fellow "famously" states that Lotrimin Ultra + short term steroid cream use "cured" his Seb derm.
    But that's not what interested me.
    I found that several replies mentioned skin colored bumps on hands. And dry spots on hands seemingly. Now this only caught my attention because I have what my doctor/ myself discovered to be pomphlox or dyshidrosis eczema aka hand eczema.
    Doctors do not really know what causes this. The bumps are extremely itchy and can be unsightly. If scratched they release a clear liquid and itching seems to cease for awhile. But it's theorized that this causes it to spread.
    What I find interesting is this. I read on Reddit to soak my hands in white vinegar for 30-40 minutes. I was very skeptical. But also very desperate. And it had apparently worked for people with severe cases. I have a very minor case but the itching really is unbearable.
    So in desperation after trying many things. And not wanting to go back to the doctor for more steroids. Steroids are helpful short term but once stopped the bumps can easily return. I soaked my hand in vinegar. The itching stopped incredibly fast. I soaked it again the next day to prevent itching from returning. Both times I did this for 40 minutes. I now have had 98% relief for over 3 days.
    Since Seb derm is thought to be fungal. Is it probable that this is also fungal? Or at least has a fungal element? Why else would people like myself who suffer from minor Seb derm also have this? Or is it all just a coincidence? I'm reaching here I'm well aware. They probably have nothing to do with each other.
    I really have no idea. But if for some crazy reason you read this and have hand eczema. Please try a white vinegar soak. Vinegar is a natural anti fungal. And it worked for me a lot of people on Reddit.
    Just thought I'd post this because I'm tired of thinking about demodex mites and rosacea. I needed a break. But still thought this MIGHT BE interesting to someone else.
    That's all I've got.
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