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Thread: Thalidomide ameliorates rosacea-like skin inflammation and suppresses NF-κB activatio

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    Default Thalidomide ameliorates rosacea-like skin inflammation and suppresses NF-κB activatio

    Found this interesting article online not sure if it is old news at all?

    Thalidomide alleviates LL37-induced rosacea-like skin inflammation.

    Thalidomide reduces the production of chemokines and cytokines associated with rosacea.

    Thalidomide represses LL37-induced Th1/Th17 immune responses in the skin.

    Thalidomide decreases cutaneous angiogenesis in LL37-induced rosacea-like mice.

    Thalidomide suppresses NF-κB activation in keratinocytes.

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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch1 View Post
    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.
    Thalidomide is more commonly used as a last resort for pain medication for severe mouth ulcers. Several pain medications are more commonly used for rosacea with some success such as gabapentin - there is quite a lot of evidence in the literature that this can help rosacea, which will help encourage doctors to prescribe it. I suspect, given the risks and concerns around thalidomide, it would be quite difficult to convince many doctors to prescribe it for rosacea - at least in the UK.

    Here is an earlier letter on a same topic, though not sure if anyone can find a full text link for it:
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