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I wanted to report back here as promised re the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% product from the The Ordinary. I've been using it for about six weeks now.

I apply it once per day before bed. It's quite thin and almost sticky in texture, but for me has not caused any contact irritation - which is half the battle where my sensitive skin is concerned.

Overall, this product will stay in my skin regime going forward. I have observed some solid improvements in my skin since I started using this product. In particular, I feel like my skin barrier has improved -- I notice that my skin is flushing less from physical irritations (showers, cleansing my face etc) and have seen a slight improvement in baseline redness. In addition, my pores are less clogged and appear less noticeable as a result, which was the reason I sought out this product in the first place.

I'd say it took about 3-4 weeks of daily use to start seeing noticeable results.

However, the product isn't perfect. I have noticed a small increase in tiny P&Ps since I started using it on my nose. These are the minor type that are very noticeable if I wash my face, but tend to fade throughout the day. I would say these started coming up after about a week of use and have stayed fairly consistent (i.e. haven't gotten worse as I've continued to use it).

So, for me, it really is a balance between improving some aspects of my skin (skin barrier, pores) vs a decline in my P&Ps situation. My skin was going quite well when I started this product and I had my P&Ps in check, which is why I am happy with the trade off for now. I think had I trialled this product when my skin wasn't in such a good place, it could well have tipped too far in the wrong direction.

Hope that helps some people out there if they come here searching for reviews
I’ve binned all my The Ordinary products. Just using Cerave SA Smoothing cleanser and soolantra and oil of Olay sensitive . So far best results I’ve had . Still looking for a moisturiser.