I can not live this way anymore. I have always seen ETS as the last option, but the reality is that the last option is getting closer.
I've been in this since 2017 (I know it's not much compared to most of you). But this condition has already ruined my youth. The concern of flushing in warm rooms all the time. I flush even even when I lie down. 24/7 with a fan in the face, my eyes can not stand it any more.

I'm currently on Celexa (3 weeks/no apparent benefits, just worsening), but I've seen reports that effectiveness starts after 8 weeks, so I'm trying to continue.
Propranolol and Clonidine are far from effective (they have been before)

This week I'm going to the rheumatologist trying to get the prescription for Hydroxychloroquine. This is my greatest hope.
Laser are the option that comes next; V-beam or Red pulsed light.
And lastly I consider ETS, even though it is something that can have serious consequences, I do not know if I can take the rest of my life in these current conditions.

Sorry for the outburst, I just do not have another place to talk about.