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Thread: Moisturizer (vanicream) melts off from sweat?

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    Default Moisturizer (vanicream) melts off from sweat?

    I've been using vanicream for awhile, usually works pretty well. However, when it's really hot it seems to melt off?

    Is there a way to avoid this? Am I applying too much? Has anyone experienced this?

    It's suppose to be pretty light..

    Any tips? Thank you!

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    I haven't tried vanicream, but I think anything that's not waterproof or oil based will probably come off with profuse sweating. If it's just too tacky, you could try a little finishing powder, but again, if you're doing a lot of sweating, that may not help.

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    Default cerave moisturizer

    I know a lot use cerave moisturizer on here but my skin doesn’t like it.
    I’m still using oil of Olay sensitive but my skin is that dry it’s actually splitting.
    I need a better moisturiser but I’m still looking for something that is good
    for rosacea and SD. It’s a nightmare so any suggestions welcome.

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