So it's been an entire month and as expected nothing has improved the symptoms.

I've already stopped using the Epiduo entirely because I'd get red circles (1-2cm diameter) where I applied the gel and I don't think it did much to stop the acne either. I was going to just use it on my neck, like with Effederm, but that had the same inflamed response to it. What was annoying was that my skin only got red after several days of using the gel in a specific spot. So when I at first applied the gel it seemed harmless and that gave me enough confidence to put it everywhere... At least the inflammation caused by the gel goes away after a week.

The Metronidazol/Abitima emulsion is neutral on my skin. The only positive thing about this cream is that it's a bit less oily than Soolantra.

The Lactacyd gel doesn't seem to be doing anything really. And I hate applying it. Basically I have two choices in the morning: clean oily face with distilled water using a cotton pad, apply Lactacyd, and then wash off the gel with more distilled water/pad OR apply the gel first and then clean with the distilled water/pad. I do the latter so I don't use up loads of the distilled water every morning and also don't excessively dry out my face. The issue is that I'm applying the Lactacyd over a thick layer of grease and oil which is pretty nasty and limits the effectiveness of the gel being able to get into my skin.

To be perfectly honest I would stop this fruitless regimen today, but I don't have an appointment until December so I'm stuck with it for now.