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Thread: Update: New dermatologist + new medication -- BRACEYOURSELF

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    Quote Originally Posted by BraceYourself View Post
    Honestly Skinoren had a neutral effect on my skin and I liked in particular how it didn't add grease to my face. I used the cream once a day for a good 5 months without any added dryness or redness. But that of course wasn't good enough because my threshold redness (I also have PIE) needs to be reduced A LOT and not left where it's at.

    Yeah your last point about sticking to a treatment is important. I'm not a fan of the topical Treclin, which I'm currently prescribed for, but I'm going to persevere the full 2 months even if it kills me.
    I quit the Skinoren in the end. It was sensitizing my face way too much. It'd be going bright red at random throughout the day. Packed it in about 3 weeks ago and the flushing stopped. I still have the PIE of course, but I'll have to address that in some other way.
    I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren1 View Post
    I still have the PIE of course, but I'll have to address that in some other way.
    What is PIE?
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    Arrow Treclin(ax) 1 month update

    I hate being a downer with every post I do, but once again there have been no improvements with the current meds I'm taking ? specifically Treclin which I've used once every night for the past month. Basically I still get acne everywhere, although I will say that my pores on my nose have reduced by ~20% in size which was interesting. The rosacea isn't really meant to be treated with Treclin and it comes to no surprise that my baseline redness has seemingly become worse since using it. Although I think time itself is more to blame. Would've been like this either way imo.

    Side notes: I have stayed out of the sun as instructed yet I think Treclin has dried out the skin under my eyes/next to my nose. The acne in that region reaches the surface dry (i.e. a solid ball instead of a whitehead with pus). My face is now more prone to react to heat too. The cause might be indoor heating though. God I miss those naturally humid 30?C summer days. I'll update again in another month after my trial period with Treclin ends. Around then I'll also be visiting my dermatologist again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Barrows View Post
    What is PIE?
    Post-Inflammatory Erythema is a type of scarring from acne that adds to baseline redness.

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    Default Treclin(as) 2 months update

    Well after nearly 2 months (8 weeks) on Treclin all I can say is that it proved to be useless. Not only that but my baseline redness has increased dramatically in the past month and Treclin is likely to blame, since that's listed as a 1/100 side-effect.

    So I'm going to stop using Treclin and return to my previous mediocre regimen of Skinoren cream and Sebamed soap until my next derm visit.

    While I'm there I think I'll demand skin tests for rosacea and even psoriasis because I'm so tired of not really knowing what the hell is happening on my face. All they've ever done is look at it for a few short moments and then ramble on about some hunch. I need to start ruling things out. Also going to finally try to get my nose checked out because the pain and new congestion issues are unbearable at the moment. In the past two months the days I've experienced with the pain have nearly doubled and the congestion is every single day.

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