So, im pretty sure its Seb Derm, but wanted your opinion. I've a long history (15 yrs) of facial dandruff in the typical areas, sides of nose/behind ear/eyebrows but i never really addressed the issue, i just lived with flaking.

Then recently i attacked the problem with Ciclopirox Olamine cream, and worked really well, totally cleared my face of flakes.

Now i have a new problem i never experienced before. Every time i go out into the sun for more then like 15-30 minutes, i get a major flare-up of greasy red scales along my hairline. Without ciclopirox, it takes a month to clear.....with the cream, it's clear within a week. But i'll go out into the sun again and get a flare-up, repeating the cycle.

All signs point to Seb Derm, i think. Except the sun thing. In almost all cases of SD i've researched, sunlight helps not hurts. Another condition that looks kinda similar is Actinic Keratosis, and is directly related to sun exposure. Another possibility ?

Attached pics, what do u think ?

Thanks !