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Thread: Soolantra reaction; die-off or bad reaction?

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    Default Soolantra reaction; die-off or bad reaction?

    Subtype 1 sufferer here.

    So I decided to test patch Soolantra on my nose to see if it helps treat the underlying inflammation.

    (I understand Ivermectin has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to it’s main action of killing demodex, so thought it worth a try.)

    Currently on my fifth day of test-patching.

    Every time I apply the cream, immediately afterwards I get these small red spots appear on the skin, and remain there for a few hours.

    Also started to notice small spots / rash’s para-nasally (not sure if it's juts a coincidence)

    To the experienced Rosaceans in the know; whats happening here? Is this reaction the infamous “die-off”? OR is it just a bad reaction to the cream and I should just stop using it?

    (I’m aware the answer is probably available in one of the thousands of threads on this topic but for the sake of saving time I’d appreciate any responses here.)


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    Normally, a patch test is done on the inside wrist, a little dab of the Soolantra and then waiting to see if your wrist reacts with redness or an allergic reaction. If not, then, you are not allergic to Soolantra and you go ahead and apply it to your face. So, now that you have applied it to your nose and your nose didn't get red and react with an obvious allergic reaction, you are now able to apply Soolantra to the rest of your face. The red spots may indeed indicate that Soolantra is working for you. It gets worse before it gets better is what many report. Usually your dermatologist prescribes metronidazole cream or gel for the day time use along with Oracea oral treatment which is the gold standard. Keep us posted on your results.
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    Cool, thanks Brady!

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