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Thread: Redness around mouth (chin/moustache area)

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    Default Redness around mouth (chin/moustache area)

    I was diagnosed with rosacea (caused by mites) around 2 years ago and had been using soolantra. I had redness in the skin and it cleared up quite a bit with the cream. I stopped using Soolantra around 4 months ago and my skin has stayed the same. Recently, in the last couple of weeks I've been getting redness around the mouth as per the picture in the attachment. It looks a strong red colour and almost like a drawn on patch that extends across the moustache area and around the sides to my chin. Any ideas? Should I try the soolantra for this or any other ideas of what to apply? My eyebrows and scalp have become a bit dry too.

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    Mites will come back. Soolantra does not cure rosacea and is only a treatment to control it. If Soolantra has worked for you before, it will without a doubt work for you again in all probability.
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