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Thread: Does rosacea darken a person's face in iPhone photos/videos?

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    Default Does rosacea darken a person's face in iPhone photos/videos?

    I have a strange question which actually led to my whole research on rosacea.

    I have a pale complexion, in fact historically people have told me to get more tan. But recently when looking at my face in iPhone photos/videos, especially taken outside, my face looks ruddy or grayish as opposed to pale-white. I can't figure out how much of it is due to the phone's compensation for sunlight outside (the cleanest photos/videos are those taken after sunset), and how much is due to the reddened face. When I zoom in, I see the butterfly-shape redness contrasting with bits of white in between, but from a distance, and in outdoor settings, the face has a strange tint that unnerves me.

    Any thoughts on this?
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